Frame – Ups….

My first framed photo attempt from the Frame – Ups class by Jessica Sprague. I’ve added two frames here and changed the colours to match the photo with two other word art elements.



Fathers’ Day


Loving memories of my Dad, Philip Hedley Howe on Fathers’ Day. Taken at his home in Devon a long time before I was a twinkle in his eye!!!!!


60 years ago today…..

60 Years ago today…..this is what I was up to!!


I expect you can guess what the occasion was……or can you?

Well, this is a commemorative photo of all the children who attended a street party in the neighbourhood near my Grandma’s house. The occasion was the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, London on the 2nd June 1953. We sat at tables set in a little park in the middle of our estate and had our tea….sandwiches, cakes & jelly with ice cream I think….we played games and were given party hats and balloons. My Grandma is behind the camera man trying to get me to smile…even at 2 years old I didn’t like having my photo taken! My sister should have been on the photo but she can recognise many of her friends but she must have left the party before this was taken….she would have been 9. We both had birthdays in July so were nearly 3 and 10. Apart from that, I can’t remember anything else about the day! My Grandma was looking after me so I expect my parents and Grandpa were at home watching the Coronation on our tiny TV! Imagine how wonderful it must have seemed then!

If you can remember what you were doing on the day, why not reply with a comment or, if you’re too young can you imagine what is was like for the older members of your family and did they share any memories with you?

If you’re wondering which one of the children is me, then here’s a little close up.