The Happy Traveller

Finishing this piece I started in January!





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Happy 5th Anniversary!

I made a Smilebox slide show for my daughter & son-in-law and posted them on facebook and twitter. Now, I can’t find them on either, so this is my second attempt at wishing them a happy 5th anniversary from John and I!! How time flies! Hope this is successful!!



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Birthday Boy!

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Beacon of Light


This is my ‘beacon of light’ for 2015. She is based on the moon and stars and not on the sun as the lesson was demonstrated in the Life Book 2015 class. My words for this year are serenity and peace, so I thought night time and the feeling of stillness and rest there is at night, seemed more appropriate to them.

I had to change the colour palette to suit the subject so, instead of the warm yellows and golds used by Tamara Laporte our teacher, I thought blues, purples and silver would be more calming. I rather ‘went to town’ with the glamour dust but she’s still looking so serene! Her dress has a scientific theme and is made by collaging line drawings of astronomical instruments.

The motto was taken from a quotation by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, ” Not only do we live among the stars, the stars live within us”. I love the idea that we are stardust and to stardust we will eventually return.



Family Fun.



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Grandad’s Birthday

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Googly Eyes

I make my Grandsons’ cards either digitally or print out an outline card to colour in and embellish. This year, I found a huge pack of ‘googly’ eyes hiding in my stash and decided to use them on the boys’ cards. Together with some colouring with Sharpies and a swish of glitter paint, they looked fab! Getting a photo of the boys looking at them was a trial but at about the third attempt, I came up trumps!!! I love Ben’s rosy cheeks and lovely smile!!!