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Stunning mixed media artwork by Irene Fitzpatrick (photoshopped/telescoped smaller) www.twitter.com/Calendulafitz www.irenesayswelcome.com

Stunning mixed media artwork by Irene Fitzpatrick (photoshopped/telescoped smaller)


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Arc Artist Profile

Artist Profile: Irene FitzpatrickWhat medium do you work with?
Paint – acrylic and watercolour: mixed media – scrapbooking materials, fabric, coloured pencil, ephemera (the list would be enormous!): photography.Who or what inspires you?
Looking at life and interpreting it in a quirky, fun, whimsical way. Photos, holidays, videos, everyday life have all inspired me…Oh! Also those rather rude seaside postcards…and angels and mermaids sometimes, but definitely NOT UNICORNS!!!!!!!!! I love craft work as well.

Which other artists or creative people do you admire?
Suzi Blu, Christy Tomlinson, Hockney, Klimt, Matisse…

How did you get involved with Arc?
Arc was recommended by my psychology counsellor as an outlet for my longing to be an artist. I decided to ‘give it a go’!

What does Arc mean to you?
Arc has opened a whole new world for me, being accepted as an artist despite lack of experience and having work appreciated. Having exhibits in a gallery and actually selling my work was something I had never considered. There are so many talented artists both in my group and connected with Arc, that at one time I would have looked at their work and deemed myself unworthy…now it just gives me more inspiration and confidence to keep on with my art for the sake of my soul and sanity!!!!!

If someone likes your work, is it available to buy or see more of? If so, what do they need to do?
I haven’t built up a real portfolio of work yet because of my great ability to procrastinate!!!! Any work I do sell will be available through the Arc Gallery for the foreseeable future. I have recently been selling my work through Arc led stalls at crafts fairs and at the recent Arc Summer Art Fair, so pieces can also also sometimes be bought at these. I do have a Twitter of all my work and inspirations at www.twitter.com/Calendulafitz See More

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The Art of Design…Products, Projects and Commissions.

The Art of Design exhibition showcases the diverse range of creative commissions that Arc has delivered over the past five years. Arc’s design wing, ArcMedia, works with Arc participants and community groups on each design project to help build skills whilst delivering high quality creative solutions.

Arc has worked for a wide range of clients from national charities, the NHS and local authorities to community groups, festivals and small businesses. The creative commissions cover an array of mediums from shop fronts and mosaics to websites, branding and publicity material.

This exhibition includes design projects for Services for Young People, SMMBC, Reddish Vale Country Park, Brinnington Arts Festival and mental health charity, Mind.


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Stitched Together…

…a textile exhibition held at the Arc Gallery, Stockport, April/ May 2014.

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