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I made rather a mess of my muse but that’s just what I’d be like if I wore lipstick! #womanunleashedretreat


#women unleashed retreat


Visualisation & intention. #womenunleashedretreat

Some photos I’ve taken of water lilies over the past few years, in gardens We’ve visited on holiday.

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#women unleashed retreat

The covers and first page of my #womenunleashedretreat journal.

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A room of one’s own…

In her book, ‘A room of one’s own’, Virginia Woolf states, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”   I heartily agree with this, but substitute “create art” for “write fiction” in my case.

I have had my own room since my daughter left home a few years ago and it has gone through various stages of disarray and untidiness throughout. I have been able to create art though, despite the mess, as those of you who follow my blog will know.

Recently, we bought new carpet for all the bedrooms and my room was the first to be fitted. Two lovely ladies came to do the re-painting and I had new blinds fitted. Then came the carpet! We bought it in a sale so the colour is rather unusual but lovely and soft underfoot! I have deployed spare pieces of carpet, rugs and plastic table covers to protect it from the worst of my paint splotches!

I really like to look at other studios and took a few photos during the process so that I could show my readers what I’ve done. It’s still a ‘work in progress’ but things are being replaced and sorted gradually. Do you think I’ll be able to keep it tidy? Let me know in the comments what you think.




Creative space from Irene Fitzpatrick on Vimeo.

John’s Birthday

John is now aged 65 and officially retired! His birthday was on Saturday, but we didn’t visit the family until Sunday and Andrew came for tea yesterday. A really ‘laid back’ affair but it was lovely to see the children and grandchildren! I have been experimenting making slideshows with my Adobe Elements 14 package, so please excuse if the video isn’t quite up to Smilebox standards!!


jbirth2016 from Irene Fitzpatrick on Vimeo.

Ten Christmas wellbeing tips | Mind, the mental health charity – help for mental health problems

Source: Ten Christmas wellbeing tips | Mind, the mental health charity – help for mental health problems

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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