Working on new collaborative pieces

More designs from the Unpicked Restitched project.


Julie and I spent two days at Arc recently, working on designs for four new textile pieces, responding to and interpreting a selection of my texts.


Text for pieces 1 & 2:

Night-time, in this unslept-in town. Skateboarders in the square, repeating themselves across the paving slabs. A handful of drinkers, hunched over quiet pints. A woman grinding her cigarette underfoot. Streetlights cast their yellow haze across empty streets. And in the car park, amongst the concrete pillars and fluorescent lights, the car-mods come, show off their latest trick, admire the tuning of another’s engine, the flash of silver alloys.

Texts for pieces 3 & 4:

It buries its past in its street names: Lottery Street, Mealhouse Brow, Loonies Court – and the memory of its people marked on its tunnel walls.

There are two maps, one atop the other. Twisting streets and steep hills undercut with a right-angled order…

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Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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