We used to be able to remember most of the 1950s/60s songs because they don’t last as long as they do now! I can remember my sister and her friends playing Bill Haley and other rock n’ roll stars on an old gramophone in the kitchen and using me to try some of the dance tricks they had seen in the films!! I was only about five and they were in their early teens! I was in the choir at church and that’s where I really learned to sing. When I was in my teens at school, I joined the Gilbert & Sullivan Society and sung in the chorus in two of their comic operas, The Mikado and Ruddigore. It was a very enjoyable time in my life!



Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

5 thoughts on “Songs”

  1. It’s great to read your childhood music memories Irene. I can’t remember very well but I do remember I liked weekends when you were around as when I came home from school it was cook tea, do homework, an hour of TV & bed in the week so there was only weekends to have as much time with you as poss including you joining in with as much as I did as possible. Bill Haley & Elvis were my favourites when I was 13 & you were 5. The record player was bought me secondhand & I was thrilled. Mary Fielding, Beryl Hayes, Doris Booth & Ann Shortell were my main friends who enjoyed the music & dancing & we would go to our various homes but mainly mine Dad told me not long before he died that the elderly couple next door used to complain about our noise when mum & dad were out! I hope we didn’t tire you out or throw you around too much! Lots of love, Val xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Well, even if you did Val, I’m still here to tell the tale! Do you remember some boys who ate a whole loaf of bread at one sitting?
    Thanks for the comment! 🙂

    1. Sorry for the great delay in replying Irene but I was away on a music week last week. I do remember having Roger my boyfriend & Mary with her boyfriend Terry round for some sort of a meal one Saturday night. They did eat well & it probably involved a whole loaf! They both loved music & dancing, Roger being the lead guitarist in a sciffle group & Terry was the drummer We met them when they played at Greenfield social club where a gang of us used to go dancing on Saturdays & went out with them for about a year xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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