Grandparent’s House

My parents both worked full-time during my childhood, so I spent a lot of time at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. My home was only a hop, step and a jump from there, so I often saw them and stayed at home every weekend…unless I pretended to feel ill and my Mum sent me up there because Grandma had been a nurse! One weekend though, my Mum put her foot down and wouldn’t let me go…she just sent me to bed! I was always happy with arrangements after that!

We had no bathroom at my home, we used to wash in the kitchen sink and we had a toilet just off the kitchen. We bathed in a zinc bath in the kitchen that was kept in an old pantry until needed! Fortunately, my parents had had the toilet moved from outside in the yard and electricity installed before they moved into the house! My Grandparent’s house had all ‘mod cons’ because it had been built by the Council, so we used to go up there for a ‘luxury’ bath. One of my earliest memories is my Mum sitting on the edge of the bath with me on her lap, drying me in a big, fluffy towel!



Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

2 thoughts on “Grandparent’s House”

  1. Lovely to read your reminisences Irene. We did progress to a Wundabath plumbed in the back bedroom but maybe you don’t remember as it would only be at weekends you’d need it.Our grandparent’s home was always special as we were born there & it was always very warm, welcoming & our grandparents always went the extra mile to generally look after us & spoil us! Love you lots, Val xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thought no one else had heard of the wundabath. We had one which we took with us when we moved home. I too lived with my grandparents n loved bath night.

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