Grandma’s buttons…


Do you love looking at and sorting through buttons? I do! The jars of buttons in the photo were part of my Grandma’s stash which I was given after my mum died. There were a lot more but they’ve been re-used over the years and she even gave me a boxful when I was teaching, to help the children sort buttons in set theory!

Grandma made quite a few dresses for me when I was little and I know she used to sew for my mum and herself. The clothing wasn’t discarded or given away when it was finished with but buttons and even sections of beaded material were removed and saved for another creation. I can also remember her unravelling cardigans and jumpers, washing the wool and then I used to hold the wool on my hands while she wound it into balls. Real make do and mend!

One day, when I happened to have my collection of family photos and the buttons out at the same time, I noticed that the buttons I was sorting through looked the same as the ones on the dress she is wearing in the photo. It was really exciting to think that, when the dress was finished with, she had saved the buttons and they had passed on to me. The photo was taken in the 1930s…I think she and Grandpa were on holiday. They are beautiful, cone-shaped, concave buttons and they feel like mother of pearl…wouldn’t it be exciting to make something and use these buttons! I wonder what I should make? Whatever it is, it will be very special and remind me of my Grandma!


Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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