Birds of a feather……


Looking out of my kitchen window this morning, I saw a crowd of birds at the feeding station. There were blackbirds, a robin, a great tit and the usual hefty bunch of wood pigeons trying to eat everything at once. Later on the collared doves arrived such pretty graceful birds….I’ve not had them visit for a few years so I hope they re-appear when I’m completing my ‘Big Garden Birdwatch’ for the RSPB at the weekend. Schools can join in and count the number of birds seen in one hour in their playground or playing field, families can visit a park or other open green space and complete theirs there or there’s always your own back yard or garden. I’ve been feeding the birds over this very cold spell and usually start about Easter time so that the adult birds bringing up families can have an easy source of nutrition for themselves…leaving fresh and live food to be fed to their young. I used to follow the RSPB advice and feed them all year round with appropriate foods for the season and type of bird but this has become too expensive. I don’t like putting out a lot of food scraps in case it attracts rats or foxes, so I feed them mainly during cold spells and breeding times and provide fresh water all the year round. Please join me on Saturday or Sunday so that we can get an idea of the spread of birds over the country…just click on the advert in the side column and find out all about it.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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