Winter story

Snow began to fall just as dawn broke over the horizon and soon covered the countryside with a thick carpet of white. She lifted the curtain to observe her garden and to try to estimate how long it would take for her to dig the car out of the drive and set off to work. Today was a special day which she had prepared for the evening before. Her boyfriend was coming for dinner and she had an inkling that tonight he would ask her to marry him and she was sure she would say yes. She went about happily preparing for the day and eating her breakfast but wondered if it was wise to even think of travelling on a day like this.

Radio warnings buzzed through her head as she packed her lunch and put her thick coat and wellingtons on ready to clear the drifts and set off. Freezing winds whipped round her as she dug into the snow at the side of the car but she soon had the drive clear enough to begin her journey. The engine was reluctant to start at first but soon she was inching her way along the road sometimes straight forward, sometimes slightly sideways if they were heading downhill. Other road users were being equally as careful as they too, travelled slowly along. It wasn’t long before she joined the main road and driving was a little easier.  As she drove along in the queue of traffic, she could see a very bright light approaching from behind through her rear-view mirror. She then looked ahead as the traffic had begun to move faster now but because she had been observing the light, a gap had appeared in the traffic in front of her. She speeded up to catch up with them but as she did so a loud roaring engine sound and the bright light zoomed past her and cut in in front of her to avoid an oncoming lorry. Before she knew it she had braked and the car skidded and she felt herself falling down and down, over and over. Then everything went black……


The young man set off for his girlfriend’s house with eager anticipation knowing that this would be one of the most important evenings of his life. Snow had been falling all day so he decided to walk there and would probably be staying the night, especially as he had something special to ask her during the meal….something that he wished he had asked her months ago when he realised that she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As he rounded the corner and looked towards her house it was in complete darkness and the driveway was empty…she must be late coming home from work. No wonder after a day like today! He ‘phoned her but he only got the messaging service and, come to think of it, she hadn’t been in touch with him since she woke up first thing this morning to tell him how much she loved him. He fumbled around for the key she had given him a few weeks ago and let himself in, switched the light on and smiled as he noticed that she had set the fire ready to light when she arrived home so that the room would be ready for a cosy night in. He grabbed the matches from the mantelpiece and was just setting light to the fire when there was a loud knocking at the door……


Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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