Just gathered all my stash and Sn@p album to start this years Journal…..yes I know it’s the 4th of December and I should have started on the 1st….but remember as Shimelle says, “There is NO STRESS in scrapbooking”. So, December 2012, here I come…….


Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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  1. At least you have photos of the family get-together and your grandsons with their advent calendars–good place to start, maybe? (Remember I’m supposed to be your cheering section on this project–hope I’m doing it right!)

    1. Yay! Yep and chosen some old photos of the children for the 2nd…….you could do a video of cheerleading and then I could play it every time I do something 🙂 (joke) Thanks for your comment.

    1. Good to see you again elinjanne:) I think they’re such a nice page size…I loved the 8×8 album I did one year, but couldn’t cope with the 6×6, so this is just the right kind of compromise! 12×12 is just a bit big for now…I’ve not done a lot of scrapbooking recently. Well, good luck with yours and hope I see you about on the forum. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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