Knitted Mo…..

Wool and needles have arrived at last, so I’ve knitted my first Mo using a pattern from the internet which was very easy to knit 🙂 I need to knit them in different sizes so I have a different Mo for each week so I’ve collected a few patterns together. Some are free so if you have a few oddments of wool, you can easily knit them.

My FAVOURITE find when searching for all these patterns, was Mr & Mrs Tache (see photos above)  from Knitted Toy Box . They have felt Mos but they’re cute anyway!  All the patterns on this blog are delightful, so if you love knitting small toys, it’s worth a visit 🙂

Please visit My Mospace and look out for my photographs and updates. If you are amused by my photos, perhaps you could make a donation to my effort to raise money for mens’ health.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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