London 2012. The Friday after Fryday…….

Lunchtime was upon us when we awoke on Friday morning after our wonderful but VERY tiring Thursday/Fryday. So we decided to have a more leisurely day and caught the DLR up to Greenwich for lunch and an afternoon river cruise up to Westminster. We started off in brilliant sunshine and passed through a rainstorm, saw a rainbow and were very glad of the windows on our return boat as the river was quite choppy and there was lots of spray. I thought the journey would just follow the river straight down, but there was plenty of manouevering to do to negotiate channels and go into the jetty. It was quite difficult to take photos, so I hope you’ll forgive the fact that I’ve got the same landmarks from several different angles and distances!

On our return, we went for drinks in The Old Brewery pub which is in part of the old Royal Naval College buildings. It’s owned by the local brewery, Meantime and one of the directors came for a chat with DH after over-hearing him asking the barman about the beer.They had a wonderful chat about hops and other ‘beery’ things and DH was treated to some samples of new brews. While all this was going on, I went out to do some gift shopping!

Here is yet another slideshow of our adventures that day…..I apologise for the music if it’s awful as my new speakers stopped working yesterday and I can’t hear a thing on the PC!! I thought I’d better add music to stop you all going to sleep as there are 76 slides!  Hope you enjoy them…my new speakers are winging their way to me as we speak, so if the soundtrack is too much to bear, I will change it anon. 🙂  Here goes:-

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Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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