Soul Garden by Suzi Blu











I just started preparing for this new, online journalling/planner class, which fits in nicely with the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions I’m having at the moment. As you might be able to guess, the title of my blog ‘Life in pink pyjamas’ indicates the nature of my anxiety and depression….trouble getting up and starting the day,so I’m working with my therapist, Mel, to put in place strategies to help me make more of my time. We’re basing my activities around the book ‘I can’t be bothered doing anything,’ by Dr Chris Williams, so you see how bad things had become! I have to break my goals down into baby steps, so I’m going to just work on waking with the alarm at 8am, washed and dressed by 9-30 am and back in bed by 11pm with short bursts of preparing for holiday in between. Some of you may remember my saying that I always feel anxious about holidays and often feel really sick and don’t want to go, so it has been useful to sit down and make a GRAND PLAN towards my goal of going on holiday and staying the whole time we’ve booked…..19 days this time!

Soul Garden is going to be my artistic version of the daily diary that you use in CBT and will record the ‘not so good’ as well as the good days in my quest to get my life back on track. Here is a sample page of Suzi’s beautiful work showing how the planner can be used in a useful and artistic way.












I’ve decided to prepare some pages and take notecards, stickers, pens, etc with me…. these are only very basic pages that I will write, draw and doodle on, giving myself little tasks and rewards along the way. Hope you enjoy the  slide show 🙂 ‘Bye for now!

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