Pennine Care?

I received a letter today from the above informing me that I am still on the waiting list for CBT therapy….thank goodness for that, as it was back in February when my GP referred me! I wrote a post about it here.
I can now choose to access an assessment appointment with a therapist from a charity…..MIND will be the one in this area…..or I can remain on the Pennine Care list….or I can forget about the whole thing and discharge myself! WHAT! After waiting sooooo long! Not on your life….I’ve waited long enough and now this anxiety about going on holiday is beginning to affect my normal life and that of DH…..we were supposed to be away a month but came back after 2 weeks, as I had some bad panic attacks. Maybe they can help me with it. I’m still taking my medication and will start my Extend fitness class and gym sessions again next week, so hopefully I shall be able to feel better for the next holidays…..Norfolk in September and London in October.
If you have suffered from this holiday anxiety or anything similar, then please get in touch with me about how you managed it and what made you feel less dreadful 🙂

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

2 thoughts on “Pennine Care?”

  1. Glad to here that you are going to be getting therapy. It sounds like the UK mental health system moves as slowly as the Canadian one!Going on holiday (or vacation as we say here), also fills me with anxiety. I haven't done CBT, but I did do a mindfulness class last winter that really helped with my panic attacks. I am sure they will cover some of that in your therapy. I also find having a mantra helps, when I am panicking, I use "The Universe is friendly", as it really speaks to me. I normally have only 1-2 mild attacks per week now, but I am able to quickly reverse them with some meditation and breathing. I still can't imagine going on an airplane, but one day I will :)Good luck!!!!

  2. Thanks for the hints, Christie 🙂 I'm now trying to decide which option to take but have asked DH for help. Now in an agony of indecision 😦

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