Exercise and mental health.

I am now well into my GP prescribed fitness regime under the PARiS scheme. Last Monday, I was invited to an EXTEND fitness session by my Walk 4 Health leader, Avril. I thought it was great….chair exercises, routines to music to benefit balance, movement, brain fitness and fine muscle development…..just the kind of activity to complement my gym workouts and walking. There is also a social benefit in that I’ve met an old friend and met some new friends over tea, biscuit and a chat afterwards. So with my coffee morning and walk on Tuesday morning, I’m managing to get out and socialise instead of spending all my time on this laptop by my self! I hope it is stimulating all those good brain hormones to swish around and make me feel more settled.
DH has mentioned going on holiday in the caravan because we have been trapped at home by all the renovations that are or are taking a long time to happen. This makes me feel slightly unsafe and worried….I know we need to get away for a while but I hate going on holiday and being away from home….thinking about it now is making me feel rather sick…..I don’t know why…it just does. Ever since I was a child, I’ve felt sick the night before or tried to make some excuse not to go…it all came to a head last September when I actually refused to go. You can imagine how upset DH was, especially as we had had a lovely holiday in Ravenglass earlier on in the summer. Well, we just didn’t go and of course this lead to months of depression until the past couple of months when I’ve improved a lot.
Let’s hope the experience of going out and meeting people at last, will help me to be more rational about the holiday….if I can get there I’m usually OK…just sometimes a bit of claustrophobia or being nervous about being in a crowd! If anyone reading this has any ideas how I can cope, please put your ideas in the comments…I will be glad to receive them and will reply to you. Thank you so much if you’ve read so far. Irene xx

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

4 thoughts on “Exercise and mental health.”

  1. Hi Irene,I have to say I love going away in our caravan. I am a bit of a home body too but we only ever usually go away for 2 weeks at the most and by then I am ready to come home. I always pack my books and some stitching or whatever I am working on at the time. You can still manage to pretty much keep to yourself most days if you want to. There isnt much housework to do in a caravan so I always find it very relaxing going away. All is clean in 10 minutes then you can play. Maybe take some of your scrapbooking with you. I hope you can enjoy getting away, it is good for the soul. Would love to hear how you go. Maybe just ask DH if you could just go away for a week to see how you cope.

  2. We've been talking about it today and a few people have responded on twitter as well. It's not fair that DH doesn't get a holiday because of me. There is one thing though, we sleep ever so well when we're in the caravan…all the fresh air I think!! Thanks for the comment šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my mini album. I do hope you had a great time at EXTEND and that the sun shone on your walk. We used to have a Camper Van – and we had lots of happy times with it, however I always took something small and "crafty" to do – perhaps that will help you to enjoy the holiday? I fitted a few essentials into a nice large "wash kit bag" – maybe planning YOUR essentials could be fun and make your trip something to look forward to? And do you have favourite things – to read, to wear, to drink your tea/coffee from – maybe having them around you could help too? And you are one brave "cool chick" as you prove everytime you post on this blog – It takes a lot of courage to do as you are doing, so I do hope you go on your holiday and enjoy it – And as you say yourself – the fresh air helps with sleeping well! Take heart my friend! J x

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