Chris’s Bucket Soup.

“In winter I eat BUCKET SOUP, as I call my ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ soup” Chris Majoroff. 
This is a recipe that my friend sent me to help to stave off the hunger pangs when trying to lose weight. You’ll find her blog at GETTING THE MOST OUT OF TODAY….she has been using some lovely new scrapbooking supplies recently as you’ll see. She’s also into healthy eating too and gives me tips on how to reduce my food intake! Thanks, Chris 🙂 Here goes:-
1 cup of soup mix soaked for at least 2 hours and rinsed several times, a handful of beef, onion, garlic, lots of fresh herbs eg.basil, parsley, oregano, 3 spuds,pumpkin, carrot, zucchini,red capsicum,can of tomatoes, 1/4 bunch celery, 1/4 bunch spinach, 1leek, 1turnip, sweet potato, 1 egg plant,mushrooms, green beans. Sometimes a bit of broccoli or left-over vegs from the night before; stock, black sauce, salt & pepper, pasta or rice noodles to thicken.
Dice all the vegs…stir fry the meat, onion & garlic in a little olive oil. Then add all the rest of the ingredients ( without the kitchen sink!) with the stock and seasoning and cook for at least 2 hours. Add a bit of pasta or rice noodles near the end of the cooking time to thicken it.
Serve and enjoy! I think Chris and her family take about 2 days to eat this, so don’t be put off by the quantity….it saves cooking a main meal one day too!
It’s Summer now in the Northern Hemisphere and so I’m having more salads and stir fries but come the Autumn, I shall enjoy cuddling up on a dark evening with a bowl of this delicious sounding soup 🙂
Thank you Chris, for allowing me to share this recipe 🙂

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

2 thoughts on “Chris’s Bucket Soup.”

  1. thanks for sharing this. i have a ton of healthy or should i say healthier than the normal recipes. i cut the sugar and butter down in all my cakes and turn most into muffins so they can be frozen taking temptation out of the way but still having them there for a treat. next instalment from my recipes could be lemon and blueberry muffins if you like. they are very popular with everyone i know. enjoy the soup and it lasts longer than 2 days so i usually freeze some. yesterday i took my daughter some as she has been sick with a bug and she loved it. we have had it 2 nights and there is still a heap left.

  2. It's a pleasure…you should be sharing them on your own blog of course, so how about posting the muffin recipe there? 🙂 xxxx

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