Food Diary.

Bran flakes, skimmed milk, orange juice.

Ham sandwich, apple.

Chicken steak, small amount of chips, baked beans, pear.

Fried egg ‘butty’ without Flora!, a small, milky coffee with sweetener, 1 low fat yoghurt.

Tea with skimmed milk and a sweetener throughout the day.

45 minute health walk with my ‘Walk 4 Health’ group.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

One thought on “Food Diary.”

  1. looking good. i always have fruit on my cereal and a spoonful of low fat fruit yoghurt. i also have a piece of fruit before breakfast on the days i do treadmill before breakfast like i should be today but so far not much has happened. note to self, get of the computer and move butt.

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