Weigh in and Food Diary.

Weight= 15 stone 13pounds.
Bran flakes, skimmed milk, tsp sugar, orange juice, banana.
Cup of tea, milk, sweetener, rich tea biscuit.
1 serving of left-over Chicken Jalfrezi & rice, mini naan, apple.
2 slices of ham, mixed salad, small jacket potato, dsp low fat mayonaise, knob of Flora, pear.
Low fat yoghurt, cup of tea.
Water & tea throughout the day.

  • fitness class am
  • gym session pm

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

One thought on “Weigh in and Food Diary.”

  1. well done. i swap the biscuit on the day i am being good for fruit and no, it doesn't really go with a cuppa but it has less calories and fills for longer. i also don't eat butter or marg very often. i use avocado or hommus on sandwiches. in winter i eat bucket soup as i call my everything but the kitchen sink soup. the last one had a handful of beef, lots of fresh herbs, basil, parsley and oregano, and a cup of soup mix that i soak at least 2 hours or longer and rinse several times to get the gas off it. then i chuck it all in after stir frying the meat and onion with garlic in a little olive oil, this varies depending what i have but usually 12-17 different veges.i dice them all and add black sauce, s and p, 3 spuds, pumpkin, carrot, zucchini, red capsicum, can of tomatoes, 1/4 bunch of celery, 1/4 bunch of spinach, 1 leek, 1 turnip, sweet potato, i small eggplant, mushrooms, green beans, sometimes a bit of broccoli or any leftover veges from the night before. also some stock, just the powdered one with no msg. i cook it all for 2 hours at least and at the end add a bit of pasta or rice noodles to thicken it.

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