Cover to Cover Day 3. Finding the gaps.

The only full albums I have are my various ‘Journal Your Christmas’ ones for the past four years. They chart the 1st December to 6th January each year, so are fairly comprehensive….I can leave those for now! 
The one album that I really WANTED to compile concerns my GS, showing his growth and development over the years. I have made quite a few layouts with him as the STAR 🙂, but have failed to put them into the album, which was already purchased before his birth in October 2008 and has a pad of matching papers and embellishments.

Various layouts featuring GS that I need to put in the album.
This is the album in the ‘Nana’s Kids’ collection that is lying empty.

There’s even more urgency now because GS’s little brother was born in March 2012, so HIS story needs to be told and recorded too!
It seems an ENORMOUS task but I’ve noticed a GLARING OMISSION.…there are NO layouts to celebrate his actual BIRTHDAY or his 1st, 2nd & 3rd since then. So even though there are many other gaps, this is where I’m going to start…..wish me LUCK!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

4 thoughts on “Cover to Cover Day 3. Finding the gaps.”

  1. good for you finally getting started. i had to think, oh oh, same here and i have 11 grandkids. so where do i start? with the first birthday or Jade's 18th, more recently so i can find the photos. then we have Sophia's birth in march, same month as Jade's 18th. i am guessing i will watch what you are doing but start with tidying up the scrap room first and getting more organised. must change lenses on the camera this morning and do the before photo. its not too bad but room for improvement. good luck. love your pages and you are motivating me from afar.

  2. You've really risen to the challenge of this class, well done. I'm super impressed that you've actually completed your jyc albums. I don't think I've ever finished one yet lol

  3. Good luck with all your updating, I also have lots to do, I have hardly done any pages from last year, I just jumped to this year.

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