Cover to Cover. Day 1

Layouts that I have done are just piled into an old pizza box 😦

I think Shimelle’s system is really fab and I have got to the point in scrapbooking now, where I’m not doing anything at all because everything is in a mess. I am way behind with everything I wanted to do, but I’m upset that the pages I have done may be damaged by being all over the place in a box or on the floor! *blushes with shame* I shall certainly take the system as a rough draft because I think I’ve got to the point where I need someone to tell me what to do….then once I have that in place, I can gradually adapt it to my own needs. The photos represent where I am at the moment.

Empty albums and other craft stuff on the floor getting dusty and dog-eared 😦

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

8 thoughts on “Cover to Cover. Day 1”

  1. yay, i am not the only one who is messy. i call it creative but i find until its sorted i can't get into being creative. i have a wonderful organised friend who helped me sort mine and its much better than it used to be but still needs work. good idea. i should take a photo of my scrap room as is and see if i can get tidy too. good on you for being so honest. i have to admit mine is better than usual as i have some packed in the car for a visit to said friend but i didn't end up going yet and its still in there waiting to see if she is well enough for the visit. still hoping she is as she is needing help after leaving hospital.

  2. yay, did you fix this. i tried several times to leave a comment yesterday and it didn't work but maybe its because i got an account. whatever it is i am happy its working. now i have cleaned out my recipes and chucked about 7000 books out, i might find time to type up one for you sometime soon.

  3. Hi Irene,I would be too embarrassed to post a photo of my scrapbooking desk or my craft room, they look like a bomb has exploded in them. Thats why I like Michelle Connollys website, I am hoping it will give me some ideas and motivation to declutter and get some organisation into my home. I look forward to seeing some more of your scrapbooking. Love Denise

  4. It's no fun when the creativity is hindered by frustration, especially if the frustration regards "unnecessary" stuff like "how to store the result". Good luck with the class! :)(Off to read prompt 2, I'm a little behind this week… πŸ˜‰ )

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