A new beginning?

I finished the 30 day Weight Lossathon by Michelle Connoly last week (see link in the side bar) and here I am thinking like this again:-

Well, it was rather a shock last Monday when I weighed and took some ‘before’ photos for my weight loss campaign. I weighed 16 stone (224lbs) and I’m 5ft 6ins tall, so I entered my data HERE and found my BMI was 36.17 which is in the obese range and means that I’m at risk of becoming ill. Fortunately, it goes on to give help and advice as to how to combat this, some of which I am already doing and which Michelle’s weight lossathon has prepared me for….I really need to ‘bite the bullet’ (no calories!) and get on with my plans to eat more healthily 🙂
WARNING…..photos of overweight woman follow:-

Wide shoulders & hips!
Bum & tum need reducing!
Upper arms, chins & cheeks also need some work!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

4 thoughts on “A new beginning?”

  1. You are looking happy in these photos. I do really well eating healthy during the week then fall off the wagon on the weekends. Good luck with your journey, I think keeping up with the exercise is the big issue. I shall look forward to keeping check on you in your blog. Good on you.

  2. Thank you for the comment 7 best wishes Denise:) DH and I went to a real ale meal during the week…ales instead of wine to complement each course….and it's the Bank Holiday weekend, so eating healthily has been really difficult over the past week! I'll keep looking out for you on facebook 🙂

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