Week in the life…..WEDNESDAY.

Woke up at 8:00am and went straight down to make our morning drinks. I needed to get washed and dressed soon after because I had gym and shopping this morning. I didn’t have my full breakfast before the gym…just a banana and some fresh orange to wash down my medication.

 Setting off for the gym and shopping and….yes…that is a toilet in the hall! We are waiting for the plumber to come and renovate our shower room which is just down that little corridor to the left, so you can see space is limited until it’s finished.

Grabbing my shopping bags and trainers, I set off to the gym about 9:15am. It’s wet and windy as I park close to the reception.

At 10:00am I’m on my way to the superstore where the windswept, rain-soaked car park awaits.

BUT, there’s something important I must do before I begin to shop……NO…I managed to avoid this section of the cafe…….

 ….and settle for porridge and a pot of tea for breakfast instead!                                                                                                                                                                                      


Time to go shopping in the store and arrived home with all complete about noon.


Fridge, freezer,veg rack and fruit bowls filled with fresh food…thank goodness…I find going shopping a real ordeal….can relax….until next Wednesday.


Really ready for lunch now….soup and sandwiches…I’ve ‘gone off’ soup at the moment so just have sandwiches.


After lunch , TV news and a bit of relaxation, it’s time to get the recycling bins ready for the collection day tomorrow. We put them out the night before because they’re supposed to come from 7:00am onwards and we don’t arise until 8:00am at the earliest! When your kitchen is on the first floor and there are three floors to cover, even though there’s only two of us now, we still have four separate bins. Only two will be emptied this week, but we need to clear the house of everything.


6:00pm and its time to make a chicken noodle stir fry for tea.


Self portrait through the landing mirror….pity I didn’t stand further back to get the whole of the lovely oval shape in…..cheer up self!


The usual evening of TV, computer and various other delights and then to bed far too late at 00:25am.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

2 thoughts on “Week in the life…..WEDNESDAY.”

  1. Thanks for the comment Max 🙂 I'm retired now, but having depression has made routine very important to me. If it's not routine then it becomes scary and difficult to achieve. I just tend to do things on the same day and in the same way…I have made the shopping list from a free printable one I found on the web and adapted it to my needs. I just check through the cupboards, fridge etc every Tuesday and write out a list of things I need to buy for the next week. Wednesday morning is shopping day because I can get quite anxious and panicky if I go when it's crowded on Friday or Saturday. I manage it most weeks but sometimes if I feel overwhelmed, I have a delivery from Asda or Sainsbury's. Hope that helps. Irene 🙂 xxx

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