Week in the life……TUESDAY.

The alarm woke me to a cloudy but bright morning at 8:00am and I got up to make drinks as usual. On Tuesdays, I go to my walking for health programme, so I need to get up and dressed when I’ve finished my drink.

Breakfast, medication, filling in my ‘Week in the Life. notes and packing my rucksack ready for the walk.

Out to the car at 9:30 am to get my walking boots on.

Ready for the drive to meet the group.

Park in a side street…..lovely blossom on the trees.

The Romiley Forum Theatre which is part of the shopping precinct.

Hewitt’s coffee bar, where we all meet for a drink and a chat before we set off.

There are eight of us today. Someone said, “People will think we’re a cult!”

Past the pub.

Carry on along Compstall Road.

Turn right into the lane.

The Tangshutt fields notice board. You can see the flyer for our walks on the right.

I didn’t notice this last week!

The new fruit trees have been planted.

The old wood is left on the ground to provide habitat for insects and other wildlife.

I must find out what these delicate flowers are.

Better catch up….they’re leaving me behind!

The stream tumbling down the hill.

These long steps and hand rail make it safer to climb the slope.

A lovely little pond by the path….must investigate this further next time.

The football pitches on the Tangshutt playing fields.

Distance markers are set into the path for walkers and joggers.

There were lots of birds in these bushes……honest!

We walked past a lovely bank of bluebells.

My favourite moment of the walk was looking across this field of golden….DANDELIONS! The photo doesn’t do justice to the vista.

Looking across the fields to the farm buildings.

A stone bridge crossing the railway line.

There’s a cafe and restaurant at the farm….must go and try it sometime!

This house has its own access bridge….looks like it might have been the entrance to a bigger house.

The old Oakshott Cotton mill…this was probably the lodge at the entrance to the mill.

The mill now has modern extensions and re-cycles used products to produce board.

Another part of the old Oakshott Cotton mill.

This time we go under the railway to get back to the centre of Romiley.

Mmmmm….a lovely creamy coffee and a chat back at the cafe.

Who ordered this fried egg butty?

Back at home by noon to make sandwiches for lunch….love that chilli picallili!

Watched the TV news, read some magazines and then off to explore the virtual world!

At 6:00pm there was a burst of sunshine to cheer this view from my kitchen window. Time to make tea.

Chicken, chips and beans……yum!

After some more TV watching, it was time to write a shopping list for tommorrow.

Last download of photos for the night. Supper and medication at 11:30pm and in bed by 12:20am.

Another good day which will help me on the road to recovery. I’m so glad that I have the time to go walking and do the things I need to do…..wish I didn’t waste so much of it!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

4 thoughts on “Week in the life……TUESDAY.”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it…thanks for the comment…as you can see, I didn't finish the week…the usual 'gloom and doom' took over on Thursday 😦

  2. Oh Heck.It was probably a bit of a reaction from being out of routine & tiredness but do persevere as the fitter you get the better you'll feel. Love Val xxx

  3. Just popped in from your other blog – and wanted to wish you well. Heres to a steady recovery for you. Many blessings ! Jen xx – oh – and the little yellow flowers are celandines.

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