Week in the life…….MONDAY.

 8:00am The radio alarm wakes me with a jerk to the manic noise of the Chris Evans breakfast show and I notice that my dawn lamp is already on…..crawl out of bed, switch off the beeping sound and the lamp….put a sock in it Evans! Tried waking to Radio 3 and 4 but used to drop off to sleep again. Downstairs to make coffee for DH and tea for me…..still feeling tired even though I’ve only just got up. Back to bed to sip tea and relax and listen to DH snoring.

9:00am The untidy kitchen awaits as I come down to make breakfast. DH fell asleep in the living room last night and woke up at 3:00am and came up to bed….left him to sleep in.

My usual breakfast of cereal, skimmed milk, banana and orange juice.

Scan the ‘Radio Times’ for today’s TV programmes.

Now for my ‘chemical breakfast’ ie my medication.

I try to keep my mind from wandering on to negative things by doing puzzles. Something ‘mechanical’ seems to calm me down and gives me a rest from stressing.

10:00am Watch ‘Homes under the Hammer’, my favourite daytime show.

11:00am Unload and reload the dishwasher and tidy the kitchen.

Switch on the computer and check email, social media sites and blogs. DH gets up at 11:45am 

12:33pm Decide it’s time to get washed and dressed.

Washed and rid of the notorious pink pyjamas, I’m ready for the rest of my day!

1:00pm Now, what’s in here for lunch?

Boiled eggs, marmite on toast and an apple.

Fell asleep in the chair watching the News on TV but woke up in time to check the computer and get ready for my gym workout.

4:00pm Drive to the gym in gloomy, cloudy weather.

5:00pm Drive home from the gym in glorious sunshine and spend some time in the garden when I arrive, to breathe in some fresh air and listen to the bird song.

Time for a refreshing cuppa!

6:15pm Make and eat tea.

7:00pm Watch TV and have a tea and cake break. DH’s birthday cake left over from yesterday.

Watched some more TV and then some more blogging and photo downloading.

Had some tea and yoghurt for supper, more medication, then into bed at 0:10am.
2:00am Still awake because a dog somewhere was barking for nearly two hours…don’t remember dropping off to sleep.
All in all, not a bad day for me, even though the weather was mostly grey and cloudy and nearly everywhere in the house needs cleaning and tidying! When I do activities that are ‘good’ for me eg going to the gym, I never seem to have the extra energy needed to sort things out. At least I managed to do the basics of shedding the pink pyjamas before it was dark again, preparing meals and washing up!
My favourite time of the day was the lovely burst of sunshine when I was able to go out into the garden. I could hear the birds singing despite ‘planes roaring overhead, cars driving past and car doors slamming.
I am really grateful for the fact that I am able to go out to places now, even though I still sometimes feel anxious and uncomfortable. It’s much better than the days when, if the slightest thing went wrong, I would stay in bed the whole day. Let’s hope I’m starting to be in charge of ‘the black dog’!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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