Kitchen sink…….

….is in….. usable but will be finished tomorrow. It’s HUGE and made of grey granite….another of DH’s ebay bargains….it’s rather like having a grey butler’s sink.
I felt quite strange about having to make lunch in the kitchen while the plumber was there, but he moved his tools and went off on his break so I was able to manage. When I’m nervous or in a situation that I find uncomfortable, I tend to get over effusive and natter on….people must think I’m mad….not far off! 
I managed the weekly shop again this week although the layout in the supermarket has changed again since last week…hard work when you’re anxious….I seemed to have walked MILES when I’d finished. I know I hadn’t but going round and round in circles to find things didn’t help. A lovely lady greeted me in the entrance and gave me a map, but the writing and map were quite small and difficult to make out, so this added to the list of THINGS THAT WERE DIFFERENT. After buying two items, I put the map in my pocket and decided to look at it at home in time for next week. There was a fine MIST of water spraying over the fresh veg, which I thought needed a background of Scottish music and a piper in attendance….someone else thought that Dracula might leap out of the fog any minute! Hmmmmm…...WTF……
I arrived back home and had a chat with a neighbour who was out gardening….not something I do often, but it made me feel more in charge of myself. By this time the plumber was demolishing our old wall and shower with a lump hammer, but there was time to relax after putting everything away with a cup of tea and an ICED BUN. Then DS arrived for his tea and a shower….there’s one in the bathroom too… was lovely to end the day on a family note.
DH has been to B&Q for some more tiles and I’ve just finished making my M-in-L’s mother’s day card, so another good day with things being done. *PHEW*

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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