Job done…. Tuesday 13th March…..

Woke up feeling a lot happier today and actually managed to get through the day fairly well. Got washed and dressed quite early, had breakfast and did quite a few crosswords, etc from my Puzzler album…..I’m hooked on these, but because I was quite depressed over the New Year, I’m still working my way through the Christmas special edition!! I have the winter special to do after that and no doubt there will soon be Easter and Spring specials too! When I’m feeling anxious they do help me to concentrate and to forget about my problems for a while and I do feel calmer after a puzzling session….I must state now that I HATE Sudoku and would rather bite off my own leg than try number puzzles…..the same applies to cryptic crosswords, although I do wish I could get the hang of them.
My library elf kept emailing me that my copy of ‘Twelfth Night’ had arrived for me to pick up….I’m VERY EXCITED because DH and I are going to the Globe Theatre in London to see the play in October…..Mark Rylance and Stephen Fry are in it! On arrival at the library, they informed me that they had sent it back to the central library this morning, a fact that the library elf had overlooked…..I always thought ‘magic beings’ were over-rated! Β I’m glad to say that I ‘kept my cool’ and didn’t panic and do something stupid….Phew! I carried on to the shops and bought baby socks, gorgeous cuddly bunny…for GS2…and some t-shirts from the sale at M&Co. I bought an old book from the Oxfam shop to make into an art journal, a magazine, 2 sketch pads and 2 mechanical pencils from the newsagents….4 chocolate bars also mysteriously appeared when I unpacked the bag….mmm.
Well after a long conversation with DD about her midwife’s visit, making tea, cleaning the kitchen, writing a shopping list and clearing out the under-sink cupboard, I feel a real sense of achievement today. Oh, I forgot feeding the birds and taking photos in the garden in the lovely sunshine!
Well, it’s midnight now and I must hurry to bed as the plumber is coming in the morning to fit a new kitchen sink and tap and to bash hell out of the disgusting shower in the downstairs shower room. Goodnight!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

3 thoughts on “Job done…. Tuesday 13th March…..”

  1. I'm glad you are feeling happier today. I feel the same way about number puzzles! Hubby does them to relax and I cannot imagine anything more unrelaxing! We've been having lovely Spring weather here in Toronto, it was 14.5C today, so that is enough to make anyone feel great. I hope you are having similar weather πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for your comments Christie & Mariangeles! The weather is pretty dull but warm here today. The plumber has arrived, but I'm still feeling calm. Hope you both have a lovely day. πŸ™‚

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