Just do it……

I can remember saying that to someone else way back in the mists of time….little did I know that I would be in dire need of that advice myself. I’ve just wasted another day on this computer going round and round on Email-twitter-facebook with an interruption of searching for things I don’t even need or want for that matter. I’ve also bought another online class to add to all the others I haven’t done yet. I suppose it may be another time for CBT but this always gets me into a rage when I have to fill in forms to make plans, to-do lists and the like.
I’ve been hanging around not doing much all weekend except for one bright spot visiting my family……GS2 is now 3 days overdue and DD is longing to go into labour…..cooking, dishwasher operation and shopping go on regularly but that’s about all. What I need is a good cure for my constant procrastination…. JUST DO IT?

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

2 thoughts on “Just do it……”

  1. :-/ I think we all get caught in this trap regardless of our life problems! I decided I wasn't getting anything out of Facebook one day, it was wasting my time and quite honestly it was dragging me down so I decided to go without it for a month and after the first couple of days missing the habit, I easily forgot about it. I rarely go on there now and when I do I don't spend long – it doesn't add to my life! To be honest, it was a relief to allow myself not to log on. As you know, I'm on Twitter a lot! But it's a different animal for me, it doesn't take over. Just a suggestion – a trial separation might help 🙂 Your own advice is correct though – Just DO It!! @emwa x

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I spent 50 odd years without it and never went on the social networks when I was teaching…perhaps I should limit myself as I communicate a lot with DD & DS…photo sharing is good too….excuses, excuses. Perhaps if I cut my friends down to my family and close circle only, it might help…might try setting a timer? xxx

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