Online campaigning day…..

Lovely sunny, frosty morning…looking out on the garden made me smile….more spring flowers blooming and a clutch of birds at the feeding station….very uplifting.
 When I checked my email/twitter/facebook pages, I realised that it was a big day for RETHINK the mental health charity of which I am a member. I’m a member of MIND too, so the previous evening had contacted my MP about the Listening to Experience event in Parliament next Tuesday the 13th March. I thought that it would be too late to do anything for the Rethink event but they had a VIRTUAL LOBBY which enabled me to email him again  and emphasise the need to act about crisis care…it was good to feel that I was making a contribution to the effort, but WELL DONE and THANK YOU to those who actually attended, spoke to an MP and braved the chilly Westminster Hall.
All in all, a quiet but satisfying day….being an online champion for Mind, Rethink and, going out in the garden to feed the birds, chasing a delivery van up the road because our address is difficult to find, cleaning the kitchen, making a shopping list, cooking meals, washing up, etc, etc. PHEW…. I feel quite tired now reading all this, so I’d better go along to MOOD PANDA to rate my mood before I fall asleep….zzzzZZZZZZZ 🙂

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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