Crisis care…..

 I have emailed my MP today & asked him to attend Mind’s Listening to experience event in Parliament on Tuesday 13 March. In this video Penny relates her son’s experience of crisis care.

When I experienced a crisis, I too found the inpatient care in MHU excellent, but things just seemed to ‘fizzle out’ from there. The person who dealt with my case was very pleasant to talk to but I was surprised to find that they were not allowed to do any counselling. Often in a crisis there are practical things that can be done to help, art on prescription and PARiS scheme for instance, but I had already applied for these schemes through my GP and really needed some emotional support from an experienced professional.
My GP has again referred me to so-called crisis care, but I’ve waited nearly a month to receive a letter from them saying I am on their waiting list and if I don’t need their help any more I can let them know. What kind of a service gives this opt out clause to a person whose GP has diagnosed them ill enough to need help? I hope any one reading this will follow the link at the top of the blog, to find out how your MP can help you and also help other sufferers in dire need.


Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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