Running on sunshine…..

Today was always going to be one of those ‘out of comfort zone’ days… panels being fitted, workmen all over the place, decorators coming to give quotes for work, plumber advising us on what would fit where, strangers using the loo……expect you’ve got the picture now! Having to get up just after 7-00 didn’t help and the fact that they came late and didn’t realise this was a 3-storey house and so had to go and hire a taller ladder, made things worse and seemed a bad omen 😦
 BUT…did I cower in pink pyjamas in my room? No, I went out and took photos of work in progress, chatted to the workmen and made a tray of tea/coffee, sent the camera up to the roof for photos of the solar panels…the roof is flat and we can’t see up there because it’s three storeys high….allowed large bags of ballast sand to be carried up the stairs and out through the bathroom skylight and generally tried to be a little more in touch with what was going on. I even went out to transfer money to  pay the bill and to collect our prescriptions from the pharmacy…..much to DH’s relief.
The trouble is I can’t yet predict when these highs and lows of mood are going to be….that’s why I’ve started using the Mood Panda indicators to allow me to rate my mood every day and compare it with other days. I’m hoping that my posts, together with the free indicator provided by them, will help me to find some of the links between what triggers the feelings of being down in the dumps one moment and able to cope the next.
When I arrived home the panels were generating more power than we were using and things had been cleared away….they even tidied up the stairs and bathroom! This was when that wall of exhaustion and tiredness, that is a physical symptom of depression, hit me but I was still able to cope with making tea… a good day for me…I didn’t even become irritated with DH 🙂

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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