Days drift by…..

Saturday 25th February
Not a good day today….listless and my thoughts running riot about things that I will never do and people I will never meet…settled at the laptop but only to go round and round in circles through the social websites…..other people are busy living their lives while I sit there afraid that time will run out and I won’t have had time to do…..what????????? Whole day in PPJs….so much for bathing yesterday!!!!!!!!! Made food for DH and I…rallied later because I knew I wanted to see DD, GS and DS on Sunday…………

Sunday 26th February
Got up in time to have a bath, make sandwiches and get ready to go and see DD and family. Set off early only to get stuck in traffic on the motorway….took one and a half hours to get there instead of the usual twenty five minutes! I was driving, but I managed to keep calm and keep to the left, because I hadn’t got the bottle to race to the start of the queue like some people have! Any way, we had a really enjoyable afternoon with my family…DS arrived later…and drove home feeling much better πŸ™‚ I even made the main meal we should have had yesterday and it was so much better being able to sit and eat a decent meal with DH.

Monday 27th February
Thank goodness today was another ‘normal’ day….got up and got dressed, unpacked some parcels, cooked meals and cleaned the kitchen…even the floor!!!! DS came for his tea and a shower after work (he’s doing some renovation on his victorian home and is doing the bathroom at the moment!) It was so good to have him around and have a chat. I must try to get to bed before midnight tonight, so I have a chance of enjoying tomorrow too πŸ™‚

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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