Well, that’s another week wasted….so many things to do and not one of them done! I don’t make ‘to do’ lists because they would be SO long that I would probably ‘recycle’ it half way through the first task!  In fact, the whole idea of finding a sheet of paper and a pen under the wreckage that is my room and then having to concentrate long enough to write them down would probably mean that the list was recycled before it was even finished. I can imagine the nightmare scenario of being on that game show on television where you had to watch a line of prizes going by on a conveyor belt and you won all those that you could remember……heated rollers, radio, food mixer, CUDDLY TOY, sun lounger, crystal chandelier, mop & bucket, CUDDLY TOY……. My list would resemble this only not quite as glamorous…..washing, ironing, dusting, DH’S TROUSERS, finish sewing curtains, knit GS2’s baby clothes, DH’S TROUSERS, walk round the block, etc. etc…… I feel tired out just thinking about it. BUT, I had a shower, washed my hair, ironed some clothes, had a joke with the ASDA delivery man, put the weekly shopping away and cooked the meals :)….steering well clear of DH’S TROUSERS…..they still need mending and ironing. Now, where’s that CUDDLY TOY……..?

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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