Comfort 0….Unease 1……

Sitting in my room with a box of custard doughnuts and a large mug of tea hoping that the solar panel salesman will not stay too long…..DH is holding the fort as usual! I’m really out of my comfort zone and yesterday sneaked up this box of doughnuts to aid my comfort eating…..VERY naughty! Even though I was up and dressed for a reasonable time this morning and knew I could escape and hide, I still feel quite sick and shaky…..the sweetness of the doughnuts actually takes the edge off the sickly feeling but I still have butterflies (and doughnuts!) in my stomach. Good…he’s gone…I can come out of hiding now….but another saleman due at 16-00 and one on Monday morning at 10-00. This is going to be a day of ups and downs in mood and full of anxiety, so I’ll probably save this last doughnut for this pm and do some chores. Where are those mini danish pastries I bought………?
MOOD = low & anxious.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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