Keep calm and keep going…….

St. Valentine’s Day.
Feeling quite emotionally drained this morning after the ‘sports debacle’ yesterday but looking forward…..yes, that’s LOOKING FORWARD!….to going out with DH to celebrate the day. I’ve managed to dress up and even do hair, make up and nails ready for our treat. We ARE going to a pub we’ve been to three times before for Valentine’s, but I expect DH wants to put as little pressure on me as possible so I won’t build up anxiety and think of reasons not to go….there’s also cask ale and a scrumptious, carvery buffet too, which takes the edge off any nervousness. The meal was lovely and I spent the rest of the afternoon at home snoozing…just sandwiches to make for tea….and more snoozing.
MOOD = tired + more relaxed + quite good.

15th February.
SO tired today… I just realised that I had actually been out four days in a row! I didn’t manage to get a shopping list done yesterday because of hyper snoozing, so decided just to give that idea up and stay at home. It turned out to be a pink pyjama morning with lots of browsing the web which often becomes almost automatic without really noticing anything. Day turned to evening, then more browsing which included booking tickets for a play in London…we hope to be on holiday in our caravan at the time and to take a day out to visit London. This was a bit of impulse buying really, but I was very excited at the thought of something I’ve not done for over forty years!
MOOD = good but slightly hyper.

16th February.
Much better day today…kitchen chores done, shopping list done and then out to the supermarket this afternoon. Received my Mind membership card and confirmation of my hospital appointment…all in all, a good day.
MOOD = good.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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