PARiS, Rome, Tokyo………

DAMN! I’ve gone and made a fool of myself again….sworn at the person at the gym. I should have had my induction today at my local gym as my GP has put me on the PARiS scheme again to try and help my recovery…arrived ON TIME and was greeted and shown where to change and then asked to go up and wait in the gym……waited and waited…..standing up was making me restless, so I went to sit on a chair just outside the room….. person was very polite and asked me who had booked me in at this time……typical question when something has gone wrong. He’d just texted the person who should have met me and they said they wouldn’t be there until 15-00 (30 minutes MORE to wait) or would I like to book another day….*red mist comes down* ….I tell the person that I am suffering from anxiety and depression and it has taken quite a lot of emotional and physical effort to actually turn up….’they should be in f*****g time for the appointment….oops…it wasn’t his fault and not fair of his colleague to put him in that situation…..’would you like me to let anyone know?’……’you can tell who you f*****g like!’…..I fled from the place feeling an absolute stupid fool!
I managed to keep cool enough to drive home safely and ‘phoned the coordinator immediately and told him everything that had happened……he talked to me calmly and persuaded me not to give up on the scheme…suggested either gym at another centre, some exercise classes or aqua-aerobics….I expect classes will be better for me as they start and end at a fixed time, other people go thus making it more sociable and you don’t have to stand on your own feeling like a dork… I’ll try again tomorrow by looking up the time tables for the classes and begin plucking up the courage to actually go there again! Mood= irritable+sad+ashamed :/

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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