Highs and lows 3……

Sunday 12th February
The day dawned foggy and cold and I managed to get going at a snail’s pace….packed lunch made and knitting ready to go to my monthly crop, the Didsbury Dabblers. A crop is an event where crafters meet to do scrapbook pages with photos, pretty paper & embellishments, exchange ideas, eat cake, drink tea/coffee and chat. We have widened our crop to include all arts and crafts, so that is why I was taking my knitting. I didn’t have time to get all my page packs together, so I thought it was better to grab that and go, rather than be stressed out and not go! GS2 is expected in three weeks, four days and I’ve been knitting this little jacket since last October, so it was a good chance to progress with it.
We meet in a scout hut and it is cold and there’s no daylight inside….the windows have to be covered over so that vandals can’t break in….not very welcoming really but we’re looking forward to the refurbishment which is starting in April. I have persevered in going since last October because I knew I had to go out of the house and make some new friends if I was to start recovering from mental issues. It is like going to the best part of work, the Staffroom, because of all the chat, news and information that is exchanged…..we LAUGH too and yesterday we all went for a power walk at lunch time to get some light, fresh air and exercise to make us warm. I went late and returned early because sometimes I get restless and just want to get back to the comfort of home, but at least I had got out and met these lovely ladies and had some time free of anxiety. My mood had started quite low in the morning, but because I had made the effort, it was quite high when I got home to DH…..a good day! 🙂

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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