Languishing, listlessly……

Just noticed it’s 16-05 and I’m still hanging round in my room surrounded by heaps of card, paper, embellishments, photos, fabric, paints, brushes, ironing board, large basket of ironing, all waiting to be turned into something neat, tidy and artistic….some hope…I’ve let time beat me again through my procrastination. Downstairs in the kitchen is an unfinished shopping list, an unused dishwasher surrounded by filthy pots and everything else that I haven’t done, waiting to accuse me of laziness and time-wasting. I KNOW, I KNOW….those accusations rattle around inside my head and my ears are full of the sound of emergency vehicles on endless call out because my brain is compensating for the fact that I may be losing the finer tuned part of my hearing. DAMN…..another day wasted with DH working away in the study finding bargains to try and improve the house for us on a shoestring and getting no thanks for living with a wretch like me. Tears now, feeling sorry for myself as the thin, bright, winter sunshine fades into another dark, cold, winter night. Cup of tea…make excuses and try to recover myself….tomorrow will be different….tomorrow never comes and today has a big, red line across it. TODAY   TOMORROW??????

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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