“I buried a lot of my ironing”…..

…..”in the back yard”. Phyllis Diller.

I had such a low mood today that I actually PLANNED to do some ironing. In fact so low, I just had to take some photos of the fact that I actually did some. This is how it went:-

Start time 15-40.

HUGE pile of ironing.

Took pity on DH and did more of his clothes and some easy, rectangular type things watching Stephen Fry talking about “What I wish I’d known when I was 18”

Stephen Fry on laptop.

Then listened to The Dixie Chicks Album ‘Taking the long way round’, but not all of it….by 16-40 I’d had enough and felt wobbly and shaky and had backache!

Doesn’t look much does it?

There’s still a pile left on the bed so when I found the quote about ironing, I was tempted to do the same. A friend on facebook posted this photo recently and I thought I would follow this in future:-

This is the problem with depression….feeling guilty and worthless when you feel you can’t do the ordinary things in life. DH had suggested that we send the ironing to the ‘Iron Inn’  a local service that collects the crumpled laundry and brings it back neatly pressed with shirts on hangers. Then I could return to my system of ironing the day after drying….spendid idea that I initially agreed to and felt relieved! BUT relief turned to guilt, feeling that I was a hopeless housewife and that I should do it myself. Ah well, at least some of it IS done now. I remember, way back in the mists of time, when starting something would have spurred me on to finish and I would feel good about myself….I just wish I could feel that way again…….

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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