Dark and rainy day….

It’s 16-49 now and I’ve just had a lovely, warm bath after a few days of changing straight from ppjs into the same set of clothes….I’m exhausted and decided to sit down at my lt to write this post and recover. Washing put in the basket, lunch made and eaten, DH’s trousers still to mend and iron :/ and tea to make about 18-00…quite a ‘normal’ day for me. Luckily no shocks for the postman either today!

When I said a normal day, I really mean AMAZING…I’ve had replies from people on twitter and Black Dog Tribe with such good things to say. I liked the fact that @mammasaurus replied about the blog hop…seems there will be plenty to read and write about in 2012 and a lot of sufferers, carers and relatives coming to terms with MH and feeling free to talk about it and take encouragement from each other.

I’m sorry that I haven’t highlighted links or anything, but I haven’t yet learned how to do things on a WordPress blog…..I’m sure some things are the same as blogger,  but I just need to sit down and study the help pages for a while….difficult when I have a run of days when I can’t concentrate on anything!

Well, goodbye for now and thanks for reading!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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