Email to ‘Life Squared’ re: Buy Nothing Day.

Being a pensioner, I don’t have to go shopping on Saturdays. The trauma of trying to get a loaded supermarket trolley around the crowded aisles when ‘the world and his wife’ have come out to shop, is still fresh in my mind. In fact, suffering from depression means that I hate jostling through crowds and therefore I don’t go shopping very often….it’s just not really a hobby for me as it is for many people.

“What do you do then?” and “How do you shop?”, you may ask.
My absolute downfall is ONLINE SHOPPING and I do as much as I can within my income! I buy art and craft materials, presents, books, clothes, music and even groceries online. It’s just SO EASY especially with that little plastic, flexible friend and the payment service that starts with the letters PP! So you see, I’m just as adept at being one of the 20% of people who consume 80% of the worlds’ resources as any seasoned habitue of the High Street!
“What are you doing for Buy Nothing Day, then?”
•Go through my inbox and delete all the *special offer* adverts that we are bombarded with at this time of year and then ‘recycle’ the ‘snail mail’ when that clatters through the letter box later on.
•Contact and interact with family and friends on facebook and twitter ie. all those who are not trying to sell me something.
•Chat with DH over soup and sandwiches for lunch. NB we didn’t have to queue up with our tray in a crowded, bustling cafe!
•Chores 😦
•Write an email to ‘Life Squared’ about what I’m doing today and post it on my blog.
•Make sure I DON’T SPEND ANYTHING ONLINE….pure willpower, of course!
•Catch up on some of my art and scrapbooking projects ie play around with paper and paint!
•Make Chicken Dopiaza for tea and drink ice-cold beer with DH.
•Watch TV…’Dads’ Army’, ‘Casualty’ and ‘QIXL’ are my favourites on Saturday night.
•Go to bed with a good book…..and DH of course!
So, not a very exciting day, but one I was able to enjoy without having to battle to the shops with other consumers ready to buy things they can’t afford but feel they must have! Maybe next year we should have a GIVE SOMETHING DAY where one could give time or money or hold events for projects that matter to us in our own community?
“What do you think?”
PS. I’ve also been able to *think* proper thoughts today too….most refreshing! 🙂

You can find the ‘Life Squared’ website here.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

One thought on “Email to ‘Life Squared’ re: Buy Nothing Day.”

  1. Thanks for your comment Irene! Looks like we're both scrappers, but I'm digital. Thanks for your reference to 'Dad's Army'. I watched that back in the late 60s and early 70s while living in Yorkshire. Had no idea it was still on the telly. Also, we both like curry so the Chicken Dopiaza will be a future dinner/supper/tea!

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