A lovely Dream by Suzi Blu.

I’ve just started sketching my images for the tower. I love the chacopaper idea but decided to use carbon paper instead…of course I pressed on too hard and I suppose it will dis-appear under the paint and pencil. I will have to try and find some dressmakers’ copy paper to do it properly so that the lines will go. For the owl, I remembered an old trick I was taught in Geography classes when you want to copy a map from an atlas to use in your work. (In the 1960s before we had computers in school !) To copy a map you need tracing paper and a pencil. You trace the map you want, turn the paper over and scribble over the lines with pencil. Turn it back, lay it on the space where you want it to be and then trace over the map again. When you lift the tracing paper off, you should have a faint image of the map. This is just enough to enable you to draw over the outline and ‘Hey…..Presto’! your map/ drawing is transferred! I just printed out a photo from the computer and scribbled directly on the back to transfer the image of the owl. The face features and ivy I will sketch from photos. I’ve been looking through everyone’s art and feel incredibly priviledged to be part of this group……wonderful stuff! Irene aka Calendula aka Britchick! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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