10 things on the 10th……

These people were marching through the streets of London yesterday. What were they doing……rioting?…..NO! They were trying to do something positive for their community by helping to clear up the mess left by the riots the night before. Some of these groups were organised by Richard Reynolds from Guerilla Gardening. Looking at the positive things that can be done to our streets by organisations such as this one, made me look into things a bit more closely, so my 10 for the 10th of August are connected with this idea. They are in no particular order:-

  1. Guerilla Gardening Information site founded by Richard Reynolds.
  2. The Eden Project  Seed bombs! 🙂
  3. The Pothole Gardener This is bound to put a 🙂 on your face!
  4. Farm in my Pocket Some useful information here put very concisely.
  5. Irving Park Garden Club  Based in Chicago. A gallery of their garden walk.
  6. Wayward Plants Community gardens with unwanted plants on derelict sites.
  7. On Guerilla Gardening  A handbook on gardening without boundaries by Richard Reynolds
  8. Seedbom by Kabloom. There’s a giveaway on this one! Could be explosive! 🙂
  9. Urban Physic Garden Plants with medicinal properties.
  10. Allotinabox Boxes of GYO seeds available for urban growers who garden on balconies, window boxes or roofs.

After all the ‘gloom and doom’ of the last few days, it’s good to know that there are so many positive ideas that city dwellers can use to improve their own neighbourhood. Thank you for visiting my blog.
Irene x


A wild rose in the native hedge in my garden.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

10 thoughts on “10 things on the 10th……”

  1. There are so many more good people in the world then there are bad, it's just the bad make better news, isn't that sad. Great links & thank you for showing such a positive photo 🙂

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