Journeys, adventure, construction & perfection……

My explorations on the creative journey this week started with writing two experiences on postcards and posting them to myself…cue for a song? Although I posted them on the same day, they arrived back a day apart and one without a postmark! Well, I suppose we’ve all had journeys ourselves like this!

 It was great to follow the scavenger hunt and look at the links. We buy Ordnance Survey maps and tourist maps for all the holidays we go on, so we have quite a large collection of them! None of these can be cut into, so I printed out a few to make the collage and the circle embellishments.

Perfection…, I’m NOT a perfectionist! This reminded me of the EMBRACE IMPERFECTION class that I did with Karen Grunberg at Big Pictures. We vowed not to let perfectionism prevent us from recording the memories that our family will find fascinating and made this little book to put on our desks to refer to whenever we suffer from perfection stress.  It is full of quotes about perfection.
I made a list of things that were just about perfect in my life at the moment.
Thinking about all these things, I decided to create an lo of a just about perfect family occasion….my family birthday celebration.
I really enjoyed the first week of Explore, especially the video by Shimelle which helped to make sense of my ham-fisted struggle to make circle embellishments!
Thank you for looking! Irene 🙂 x

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

7 thoughts on “Journeys, adventure, construction & perfection……”

  1. I love what you have done with the class so far! The layout is superb and well done with the circle embellies. I adore your playbook, it is really well done. You have inspired me to go back to mine this evening. Jen xx

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