10 things blogged on the 10th of every month.

I’ve recently been renewing my garden and have created a little, cool, shady place to sit when I need to calm down or just enjoy the garden on a hot day. I often refer to my “Little Book of Calm” by Paul Wilson to help me to gather my thoughts. I hope you will find the following 10 thoughts from the book helpful and I’ve also included a photo of my shady place to help you get in the mood.

10 thoughts by Paul Wilson to inspire you:-
  1. GROW YOUR OWN- Gardeners are among the most calm and relaxed people (while they’re gardening) you’ll find.
  2. PAINT THE TOWN GREEN- Keep plants where you work, sleep and live and you’ll enjoy more oxygen. The more oxygen you can get, the calmer you will become.
  3. THINK CALM- Have calm thoughts, picture calm scenes, recall calm sounds.
  4. SMELL THE BLOOMS- Certain scents stimulate the production of the relaxing chemical, serotonin, in the brain.Among the most effective of these scents are lavender and chamomile.
  5. USE A SOFT VOICE- Have you ever noticed a calm person with a loud voice?
  7. REST IN A TUB- A leisurely, warm bath soothes like no other method. Lower the lights, add a few drops of your favourite oil, and you’ll be transported.
  8. GO ON, SMILE- A smile relaxes all the major facial muscles. It also sets off an emotional chain reaction that invariably helps you feel good.
  10. GAZE ON SOMETHING BLUE- Or pink. Sometimes green. Each of these colours- one warm, two cool- has the ability to instil calm in a troubled mind.
There are LOADS more in the book and if you would like to leave a comment either just say ‘Hello’ 🙂 or share something you do to help you stay calm. Lots of Love, Irene x.

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

16 thoughts on “10 things blogged on the 10th of every month.”

  1. I use the "think calm" method when I can't sleep at night. When that happens I try to project myself into a favorite place or imagine what our next vacation will be like. I usually end up falling asleep fairly quickly because they happy thoughts help me relax into sleept.

  2. Lovely to share your shady place with you! :)The only problem with pretending that it's Saturday is that work gets a bit upset when I don't turn up…. 😉

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