You: “Why did you start your blog, Irene”?
Irene: “I was inspired by my newly acquired hobby of scrapbooking and wanted to write about myself  and   my family in that context”.
My blog began in November 2008 withthis short post and really began to roll with Journal your Christmas 2008. I really enjoyed the giving and receiving of comments and the fun that was to be had just joining in! The amount of expertise needed ie. in taking photos, uploading them and inserting them into each post meant a steep learning curve! Some people preferred to comment on the class forum, while others preferred to visit my blog or look at my photos onflickr I equally enjoyed all the variety of input from other bloggers and their comments. I now usetwitter and facebook as well to communicate my passion, all rather a ‘hotchpotch’ but I do love the multi faceted approach and basically I’M NOSEY and love to see what’s going on!! Ultimately, all the other media refer back to my blog, which is my favourite medium of all.
My blog is a zany mixture of favourite funny/inspiring videos, family history, scrapbooking, mixed media art and family news. I am just coming to the point where I would like to know which kind of posts you like to read on my blog. Have a little look around and kindly leave a comment on which posts you most like to read, and/or cast your vote in the little poll below. Thank you for visiting my blog! Please come again!!

What kind of posts make you interested in my blog?online survey

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

14 thoughts on “Reasons”

  1. I love how you've written this post! And I enjoy all your posts, though I don't comment as often as I'd like…. Oh, for more time in the day!!

  2. Fun to see what other people are doing with Shimelle's class and I'm enjoying poking around. I too am a teacher as well as a scrapbooker and cardmaker!

  3. A great post Irene – I love it! Thanks for stopping by – yes indeed I recognised her backgrounds too – they are beautiful as well as exotic though don't you think? The one you have chosen reminds me of the Pre Raphaelite artists that my youngest studied for her Art Alevel. Looking forward to being in class with you. Jen x

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