Census 2011- looking back.

My first task of the day was to submit our census form for the 2011 UK census. I had soon filled in the information online and submitted my form showing who was resident at our address on the night of 27th March 2011 and other details the government need to plan for the next few years. In 2001 there were four of us here, but now the family have ‘flown the nest’ and are embarking on lives of their own. How proud my parents and grandparents would have been to see the life we lead now! I started to think what life would have been like for us 100 years ago and decided to look back through my genealogy files at some of my family in the 1911 census.
The 1911 census document shows that my great-grandmother, grandma and her sister were all cotton weavers in the local mill:-
Here is a photograph taken in the mill in 1911 celebrating the coronation of King George V on 22nd June 1911.
Left to right: Hilda, my grandma’s sister; Bertha, my great-grandmother; Annie, my grandma. There is no record of the names of the other ladies but I expect they all worked on the same section of looms. My grandma and aunty Hilda always shouted at one another because they had been deafened by the noise of the machinery! In 2011, they would have to wear ear protectors and breathing masks because of the dust from the cotton. What a fascinating window on my family history this is!
NB. Click on the photos for the whole version!!

Author: irenefitz

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6 thoughts on “Census 2011- looking back.”

  1. Irene, this is just wonderful! It's a truly lovely post and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing that photo. It's a treasure.

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