Embrace Imperfection

A super class taught by Karen Grunberg at Big Picture classes! I’ve just finished this class and it has given an enormous boost to my confidence! I always seem to get things crooked or dirty or hate the colour combinations I choose, so I thought this was just my style. I always spend ages pondering over papers, layout, journalling, etc and this was spoiling my ability to scrap the things that really matter. With Karen’s help and some lovely comments in the galleries I’ve actually managed to achieve something without to much ‘ blood, toil, tears and sweat’! The materials for an album charting GSs progress has been mouldering away in a box for two years……the papers, embellies, etc are all there and all the photos are on my computer. Why haven’t I done it… the urge to be perfect every time! This class had a really good motto-‘REMEMBER! IT’S THE MEMORIES THAT COUNT’. So I set to work and did the first page of the album to spur me on to get started on the rest.

For the second week, Karen challenged us to make a mini-book containing quotations about ‘perfection’ to keep on our desk.

The coasters joined together with a chain to make the mini-book.

Here is the book on my desk, ready to refer to in times of ‘perfection’ stress! Thank you Karen!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

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