Heavy Metal.

My day 4 collage is made up of items from my Grandma’s stash of buttons,buckles, bits and bobs. I decided to change the word to a question as a title for the collage. I used mettalic paints on the background.
I’ve been ill for a few days so this is the reason for a late submission. I knew that I would be going on holiday before the end of Boot Camp, so this will be my last piece of work until I return, but I intend to finish all the prompts and journalling then. Thank you to Madeleine for all her hard work and thanks to all of you that have commented on my blog or on flickr. It has been a great priviledge to view everyone’s work! Well, I’d better go and start packing the caravan now ready for our journey to the Cotswolds! ‘Bye for now!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

4 thoughts on “Heavy Metal.”

  1. I really love this piece. I am a button collector, don't really do anything with them but I like to look at them…lol. My eyes were immediately drawn to the pen nibs as I'm just learning the pen and ink method of drawing.

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