Wednesday Weekly

This week, I am…
  • seeing….the dreary rain outside my window and the last of the Autumn leaves clinging on to the trees
  • hearing…. the gales blowing and the rain bouncing off the window….car alarms going off in the storm and cats howling at night
  • smelling…the rich, pungent smell of wet earth and rotting leaves
  • tasting….the richness of a warming stew so comforting on the darkening evenings
  • feeling….that I should be cuddling up somewhere and giving way to hibernation!

Author: irenefitz

Retired teacher and silver surfer. x

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly”

  1. I dropped in to say Hi from Shimelle's. I think you next on the list after me for the blogging round the world circle so I'll be seeing you then! You have a lovely way of photographing your LO's. I love that one with the knitting on!

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